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INCLUDED: 30 services included, discount of 40% on all other services, Milenium centres nationwide, no co-payments, no waiting periods.

Does your current dental insurance do all this for you?

With Milenium Dental Insurance you receive top-tier dental care by caring, experienced professionals at state-of-the-art dental centres.

With over 110 dental clinics, Milenium Dental not only gives you outstanding coverage of over 30 dental procedures and treatments, but also the unparalleled advantage of professional care in a location that’s convenient for you.

But here’s the best part: At Milenium Dental Clinics, you’ll find quality care offered hand in hand with experienced dentists, plus the latest technology and diagnostics – all under one roof.

So with Milenium, you get:

  • Lower-cost dental treatment
  • Consultation
  • Testing in the same clinic
  • No having to wait or travel to a different location
  • Sanitas offers financing for all treatments and services

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With Milenium Dental, Over 25 Dental Services Are Completely Free

  • Milenium Dental Insurance covers over 25 dental services completely free. It also offers discounts up to 40% of the market price on all other services and treatments.
  • The unique universal pricing structure for all treatments within the Milenium Healthplan Dental network means you’ll know the cost far in advance – and avoid any surprises. Access to the exclusive Milenium Dental Centres:
    These centres are equipped with the latest technology and all dental specialties and diagnostic tests are available under one roof.
  • There are no age limitations at Milenium Dental either: Sanitas provides full dental services and coverage for both children and seniors.
  • What’s more, Sanitas charges no premium for children under 6 years of age provided that they are included in a parent or guardian’s policy.
  • And if that’s not enough, there are no waiting periods or grace periods with Milenium. You get all the benefits of your dental insurance from Day 1. So right away, you get:
  • Access to the exclusive Milenium Dental Clinics, with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology.
  • Access all dental services, specialty treatments and multiple diagnostic tests in the same center without having to travel to a different location.
  • Modern treatments and the latest technologies administered by highly qualified and experienced dentists.
  • No age limitations: Full dental services and coverage for children and seniors.
  • Financing options for additional services.

A Wide Range of Services

Milenium offers a wide range of services in all dental specialties:

  • Preventive dentistry
  • Surgical Interventions
  • Conservative Dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Esthetic Dentistry
  • Pedodontics
  • Prostheses
  • Periodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Temporomandibular Joint Pathology
  • Implantology

The Many Advantages of Milenium Dental

Relax with Milenium dental coverage, rest assured you’re saving money while getting top dental care and diagnostics, great insurance coverage, and incredible convenience.

Save money: Low pricing on many services and procedures.

No surprises: Universal pricing structure lets you know the cost in advance.

Easy and comfortable: Milenium Dental Clinics let you save time at appointments, because all consultations, procedures, and diagnostic tests take place one convenient location.

24/7 Dental Emergency Line: 365 days per year, you’ll have access to Milenium’s Dental Emergency telephone line for dental advice and assistance in finding your nearest emergency department.

A wide range of services in all dental specialties: Preventive dentistry, surgical interventions, conservative dentistry, endodontics, esthetic dentistry, pedodontics, prosthetics, periodontics, orthodontics, implantology, diagnostic imaging, skull occlusion and mandibular articulation.

Financing is available.

Sanitas provides such high quality on dental procedures, services, and materials that all clients are provided with the following important guarantees:

  • 10 year guarantee on implants (2)
  • 10 year guarantee on orthodontics (2)

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