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Sanitas Dental 21


INCLUDED: 30 services included, discount of 21% on all other services, largest dental network in Spain. *FREE with certain policies.

Dental 21 gives you complete dental insurance coverage with great benefits and it comes absolutely *FREE when you purchase one of the Más Salud or Professional plans. You will receive top-tier dental care by experienced dentists on over 30 treatments. With Dental 21 you can very affordably take good care of your teeth. Unlike many dental insurance policies which give you only minimal coverage with very high co-payments, Dental 21 offers you: 

  • Coverage on over 30 different dental services
  • 21% discount on all other services outside the 30 services included
  • A completely FREE dental add-on

Sanitas Dental 21 - Table

Included in your Dental 21 Insurance policy: Consultations, cleanings, diagnostic tests, and more. And with Dental 21, you get all these additional benefits:

No Surprises
Dental 21 is priced at roughly 21% lower than average dental treatment prices. These prices are universal for all the dentists in the Dental 21 network, so you always know the cost in advance- no surprises.

Save money
Low pricing on many services and procedures.

Access to exclusive, state-of-the-art Milenium Dental Clinics
Sanitas centres are equipped with the latest technology for all dental specialties, including multiple diagnostic tests.

Easy and comfortable
Consultations, procedures, and diagnostic tests all under one roof.

Experienced professionals
The latest dental treatments and technologies administered by highly-qualified and experienced dentists.

No waiting or “grace periods”
You get all the benefits of Dental 21 insurance from Day 1.

24/7 Dental emergency helpline
As a member of Dental 21, you have 365 day per year access to the Dental Emergency telephone line for dental advice and assistance in finding your nearest emergency department.

No age limitations
There are no age limitations with Dental 21 either: Sanitas provides full dental services and coverage for both children and seniors.

Free for children under age 6
What’s more, Sanitas charges no premium for children under 6 years of age, provided they are included in a parent or guardian’s policy.

Financing is available for Milenium Dental Clinics treatments.

A Wide Range of Services

Dental 21 and Milenium Dental Clinics offer a wide range of services in all dental specialties:

  • Regular checkups and diagnostic consultations
  • Oral cleansing/tartar removal
  • X-rays
  • Emergency dental services and procedures
  • Simple extractions and followup
  • Extraction of non-impacted third molars
  • Extraction of impacted teeth (including impacted third molars)
  • Extraction of root remains
  • Extraction of milk teeth
  • Paediatric dentistry
  • Periodontal X-rays
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral protectors

Our Guarantees:
Sanitas provides such high quality on dental procedures, services, and materials that all clients are assured of the following important guarantees:

  • 10 year guarantee on implants (2)
  • 10 year guarantee on orthodontics (2)


  • No age limits
  • No waiting periods
  • No penalty or reduction of coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Full Dental 21 coverage starts on the first day

 Conditions of Contract

  • No age limits.
  • No premium for children under the age of 6 years when included in a parent or guardian policy
  • Co-payments for services are required at the time of visit
  • Co-payment of 3 euros for non-franchisee services
  • Form of payment monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual
  • No change in coverage for pre-existing pathologies or conditions

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