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Worldwide Evacuation

For when you can’t get the treatment you need in a local hospital

The Worldwide Evacuation option is ideal if the treatment you need is not available locally. It covers you for reasonable transport costs to the nearest suitable medical centre, ensuring you get the treatment you need. Repatriation gives you the added option of returning to your home country or specified country of nationality, to be treated in more familiar surroundings.

What is covered?

There’s no annual limit on Worldwide Evacuation. It covers you for the transfer of minor children, so that they can be taken to a place where a guardian or relative can care for them until their parent has recuperated. You are also covered for compassionate visits, enabling a relative to visit you should you have a sudden accident or illness and are going to be hospitalised for at least five days or you have received a short-term prognosis. Your relative will also receive a cash sum to help cover living costs during their stay.

Worldwide Evacuation
Benefit Level of cover £

Medical evacuation Paid in full
Medical repatriation Paid in full
Travel costs for an accompanying person Paid in full
Travel costs for the transfer of minor children Paid in full
Living allowance For a maximum of 10 days each membership year, each day up to 100 125 170
Repatriation of mortal remains Maximum benefit of 6,500 8,125 11,050
Compassionate visit and return Five trips lifetime limit each membership year, up to 800 1,000 1,360
Compassionate visit living allowance For a maximum of 10 days each visit, each day up to 100 125 170

What is not covered?

The daily living allowance of up to £100 for a person accompanying you in the event of evacuation is for up to 10 days only.

Children up to the age of 18 are only transferred if they would otherwise be left without a parent or guardian in the event of an evacuation or repatriation of a parent.

When transferring mortal remains to your home country or to your specified country of residence,  burial or cremation costs, the cost of burial caskets, etc, or the transport costs for someone to collect or accompany your mortal remains are not covered.

In the case of compassionate visit benefit, the benefit payable is £100 a day for up to 10 days only. Compassionate visit benefit is only paid when either an evacuation or repatriation has taken place.

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