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What are co-payments?

Sharing in the costs of services, or co-payment, is a measure implemented by the majority of health insurance companies to bring about the responsible use of medical services.  Co-payments help Sanitas to keep their premiums as low as possible. You make a small contribution towards the costs of your treatment. The idea is that If you don´t use your insurance you are paying less, but if you use it you pay a little more. For each visit to a doctor and for each treatment you receive, you make a contribution.

  • The insured pays a published minimum amount for each use of Sanitas healthcare services.
  • This avoids generalised increases in premiums, resulting in a saving for all clients thanks to the distribution of costs according to individual use of services.
  • It is often a fixed cost, although on occasion there is a graduated co-payment, meaning that the sharing of the costs of a service increases due to a high frequency of use.

How much are the co-payments?


  • House-call emergencies: €24
  • Hospital emergencies: €24
  • 24-hour Sanitas: €1 + cost of phone call
  • All other services: €12
  • Physiotherapy €7.80


As Basic plus:

  • Hospital admissions: 24€
  • Rehabilitation doctor: 7.80€
  • Rehabilitation: 7.80€
  • ATS (Registered Nurse): 7.80€

For new Classic policies the co-payments are graduated as follows:

  • From 0 to 6 treatments = €0
  • From 7 to 10 = €3
  • From 11 to 15 = €6
  • Over 15 = €9

Special rates apply to courses of physiotherapy

How are co-payments charged?

You do not pay at the time but the payment will be charged to your bank account quarterly and you will receive a statement.

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