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Worldwide Medical Plus

For specialist treatment where you do not need to stay in hospital

Worldwide Medical Plus covers you for consultations with a doctor or specialist and medical treatments that do not require a hospital stay. These may include osteopathy or physiotherapy for example. Some of these treatments or consultations may take place before or after a hospital stay, but many will be totally independent.

What is covered?

Worldwide Medical Plus covers you for a maximum of £25,000/€31,250/$42,500 each membership year (excluding transplant services) and also includes cover for young child care, maternity care, complementary therapies and speech therapy.

Worldwide Medical Plus
Benefit Level of cover £

Specialists’ consultation and doctors’ fees Paid in full up to 35 visits each membership year
Physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractor treatment Paid in full up to 30 visits each membership year
Consultations and treatment with therapists and complementary therapists Paid in full up to 15 visits each membership year
Psychiatrists’ and psychologists’ fees Paid in full up to 30 visits each membership year
Speech therapy Paid in full
Pathology, X-rays and diagnostic tests Paid in full
Young child care Each membership year, up to 1,000 1,250 1,700
Maternity Each membership year, up to 2,000 2,500 3,400
Accident-related dental treatment Each membership year, 80% up to 500 625 850
Transplant services Each condition, up to 50,000 62,500 85,000

What is not covered?

Physical and complementary therapies, including acupuncture, homeopathy and Chinese medicine are covered but complementary therapies – such as ayurvedic treatment or aromatherapy which may be available – are not.

Maternity benefit is payable only after the mother has been a member on this option for 10 months.

Repair or provision of dental implants, crowns or dentures are not covered.

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